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Seagate Basic 2.5" 2TB USB 3.0 - External Hard Drive



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Seagate Basic USB 3.0 is a very high capacity portable hard drive. It is perfect for storing and transporting any project, work or digital material to any place. Every professional who requires an external storage drive has in this device the ideal solution. So, don't think anymore and look for yours now.

Features Seagate Basic 2.5" 2TB USB 3.0 - External Hard Drive

The Seagate Basic is an external storage drive that gives you extraordinary advantages. For you, you constantly need to transport large volumes of work that do not fit on your smartphone and sometimes not even on your laptop. Let's know a little more about its features:

Free up more useful space for your computer

The Seagate Basic helps free up space for your computer to use it more efficiently.

Lightweight and compact

You can take all your work or entertainment information wherever you want. All theSeagate Basic review made by users indicate this as the main feature.

No additional software

To use this storage device, in the case of Windows, you just have to connect and go, and, for Mac computers, you do have to format it, but it is very fast and simple. The Seagate Basic reviews refer to both options as easy.

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