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Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro Violet - Headphones



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Discover a new generation of headphones. Galaxy Buds2 Pro arrives to offer you the best quality in audio with a deep and immersive 24-bit sound that will make you feel the music and all your multimedia content like never before.

Immerse yourself in your world thanks to its active noise cancellation up to 40% better than the previous model, you can focus on just listening to your favorite music without anything distracting you. And all this, maintaining a minimalist and comfortable design that will make you feel that you are not wearing them.


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Features Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro Violets - Headphones

  • 24-bit audio processing: The Galaxy Buds2 Pro are capable of reproducing imperceptible sounds and nuances. They are perfect for all music fans looking for the best. The sound quality of 24-bit Hi-Fi, it is capable of processing up to 256 times more sound information than a conventional 16-bit headset. That's why the quality is so high, and the sound is so crisp.
  • Two-way sound: Thanks to 2-way sound, the Galaxy Buds2 Pro are perfect for all types of music, offering deep bass and sharp treble.
  • The most advanced noise cancellation: Thanks to its 3 microphones, the active noise cancellation of Galaxy Buds2 Pro offers noise cancellation up to 40% higher than previous models.
  • You'll feel like they're not there: The new Galaxy Buds2 Pro are smaller and lighter than the previous Buds Pro, while maintaining a great battery life.
  • Superior ergonomics: The new Galaxy Buds2 Pro are 15% smaller than the previous Buds and have been redesigned for a perfect, firm fit for all types of ears.
  • Incredibly sharp calls even outdoors: Its 3 microphones have been relocated following an aerodynamic design that reduces interference from the wind so you always have clear and crisp calls, even in adverse conditions.
  • Galaxy Buds2 Pro puts you at the center of the action: Discover the 360º sound and let yourself be surprised with what you've been missing. The Galaxy Buds2 Pro identify the position of your head and know in which direction you rotate it, so the sound will respond to those movements, always focusing on the action.
  • Enter the Galaxy ecosystem: Galaxy devices work much better together. Thanks to its interlocking Galaxy ecosystem, you'll be able to connect the Galaxy Buds2 Pro to other Samsung devices.
  • Switch devices intelligently with Auto Switch: If you're listening to music or watching a TV show or movie from your Galaxy Tablet, when you receive a call, will it connect? directly to your Smartphone, and when finished, it will return to the Tablet.
  • SmartThing Find: Locate your Galaxy Buds2 Pro even offline and receive an alert when you leave them forgotten.
  • Connectivity to your Windows PC: Connect your Galaxy Buds2 Pro to your Windows 10 device and control its settings from its dedicated app. A simple and uninterrupted connection.
  • Neck lift reminder: The Galaxy Buds2 Pro care about your health, reminding you to put yourself in a correct posture if they detect that you are in a bad posture for more than 10 min.
  • Realistic 360 audio recording: Thanks to the 3 microphones of Galaxy Buds2 Pro, you can record 360º audio realistically so that later you can relive the moments as if you were there again.

Specifications Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro Violet

  • Speaker: TWS Speaker 2 way
  • Dimensions: 21.6 x 19.9 x 18.7 mm
  • Weight: 5.5 g
  • Microphones: 3 microphones
  • ANC (Active Noise Cancellation): Up to -35 dB
  • Ambient Sound: Up to +25 dB / 0.2 ms (latency)
  • Battery: 61 mAh / 500 mAh
  • Battery life:
  • Playback:
  • 5 hours / TTL 20 hours (ANC active)
  • 8 hours / TTL 30 hours (ANC off)
  • Calls:
  • 5 hours / TTL 20 hours (ANC active)
  • 8 hours / TTL 30 hours (ANC off)
  • Calls: DNN + 3 microphones + VPU (Voice Pickup Unit)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.3
  • Sensors:
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Hall Sensor
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Touch Sensor
  • VPU (Voice Pickup Unit)


  • IPX7
  • Bixby
  • 360 Audio
  • 24-bit Hi-Fi
  • Box Contents:
  • Cable
  • Charger

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