Pioneer SE-C8TW Black - Wireless Headphones

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Pionner SE-C8TW-B black wireless headphones ideal for use with Android, Windows and Apple smartphones, specially designed for sports and offer maximum comfort and high quality sound, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, integrated online microphone that allows you to accept and end phone calls, IPX4 protection certificate: so that fine rain or sweat will not harm them at all, up to 8 hours of autonomy.

Features Pioneer SE-C8TW Black - Wireless Headphones

  • The easiest way to enjoy music: Wireless headphones are especially concerned with reducing weight, and the Pioneer C8 meets this requirement perfectly. The sound is excellent, with deep bass powered by rare earth magnetic controllers and transmitted with AAC codec via Bluetooth. The battery life is long: charge the battery completely for three hours and when you go out you can charge the headphones twice as much in the carrying box. Through keys you can access by voice smartphone assistants, talk hands-free and control music. The C8 works with an Android app that reads notifications, a feature exclusive to Pioneer. But what makes the difference are the details: unique shapes for right/left, invisible charging ports, silicone covers with rough surface for greater grip and LED battery indicator in the case. Light, practical, intense... The C8 is completely wireless and gives you maximum freedom.
  • Exclusive Pioner application with App notification: The Pioneer Notification App for Android will read you the information you want, for example, emails, SMS, or news. Get notified when your calendar is updated, listen to the news, and more.

  • Long-term reproduction and compact carrying case: Three hours of playback is enough when we're out. In the meantime, place the headphones in the transport box for an hour and you can continue listening to music. The case charges the C8s twice before they have to be fully reloaded. The right/left headphones fit into the charger. The case has an LED that shows the remaining uptime during the charging process.

  • Completely wireless, completely intuitive: Simply great from the get-go: the shape of the headphones, inverted laterally for the right and left sides, make it easy to place the headphones on the right side. The silicone cover is resistant to sweat, while the rough surface ensures optimal adhesion.

  • Excellent musical immersion: Powerful rare earth magnetic controllers give dynamism and strength to the bass tones, while the overall sound is clear and pleasant. In combination with the Low-Loss AAC codec, wireless music transfer is more powerful. Hearing aids in S/M/L size ensure great insulation for ideal sound.

  • Voice interaction at the push of a button: Voice and wireless control connected to phone conversations and smartphone assistants. With the press of a key in the case, you will activate a microphone with which you can make and receive calls or ask Siri or the Google assistant for help without having to pick up the phone.

  • Musical release, without any cables: Say goodbye to tangled cables and annoying adapters. There are already truly wireless headphones from the brand Pioneer, leader of the high definition market, which guarantee a sound of quality, comfort and freedom of movement in a comfortable and lightweight audio system, designed to make your life easier.

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