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Marshall Major III White

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The Major III Headset is the next chapter in the revolutionary history of Marshall.


This essential modern classic has been rethinked for a cleaner and more refined design, but the silhouette stays true to its original shape.

Respecting the basics, the Major III is coated with a durable vinyl cover and proudly showcases their stamp with the firm's legendary logo, all of which is a clear nod to Marshall' legacy.

Iconic sound

It features dynamic 40mm controllers that are customized for improved bass response, smooth mids and crisp treble based on over 50 years of sound heritage.

Marshall Major III

A remote button with microphone

Control your headphones and phone functionality with the one-button remote control with the microphone located on your removable 3.5mm cable. With a few simple clicks, you can play, pause and mix your music or answer, reject and end a call.

Marshall Major III

Share your music

Easily share your audio with a friend: by listening to music, you can share your music with someone else by simply having your friend connect to the 3.5mm jack.

Marshall Major III

Phone functionality

The phone's easy-to-use functionality makes the Major III the perfect companion for every day. Answer, reject, or end a call with a remote control button with microphone.

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