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JBL T110 White Bluetooth - Wireless Headphones

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The JBL T110BT headphones include pure bassJBLsound. They are a practical wireless solution for everyday use, as well as offering the ability to make or receive hands-free calls and six hours of battery life.

Imagine headphones that charge in two hours,come in four different colors, feature a flat anti-nudity cable, and are light enough to wear comfortably for several hours straight.

By combining magnets that ensure headphones don't swing when not in use, the anti-nude cable, and the comfort of ergonomic ear pads and neck ribbon design, it's easy to understand why JBL T110BT headphones can become an essential piece of your everyday music life.

Features JBL T110 White Bluetooth - Wireless Headphones

  • Three-button remote control with microphone
  • Six-hour battery life, recharge in two hours
  • Pure Bass JBL Sound
  • Magnetic cable management
  • Integrated battery with microUSB charging port that allows you to enjoy six hours of playback, and fast recharge in just two hours.

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