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B&O BeoPlay H6 Black

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  • Bang & Olufsen's signature True360 sound delivers an authentic, well-balanced and natural listening experience
  • Made without compromise, from genuine leather and anodized aluminum, treated with glass granule jet and fine brushing, with lambskin ear pads for soft comfort
  • Lightweight and with adjustable fit for comfortable all-day wear
Beoplay H6, H6, B&O PLAY H6, Auriculares, Auriculares supraaurales

On the solid foundations of Bang & Olufsen's decades of product design, manufacturing and innovation excellence, B&O PLAY represents the same value for a type of product aimed at cosmopolitan music and design lovers with an active lifestyle. B&O PLAY transforms your listening experience with better sound and acoustic performance wherever you go with home audio systems, speakers and portable headphones that seamlessly integrate into everyday life.

Beoplay H6 Headphones

Beoplay H6 supraaural headphones overflow with fine craftsmanship with premium materials carefully selected for their quality and elegance. Durable leather in the fastening band, soft lambskin on the ear pads and a beautiful aluminum construction make the H6 age gracefully. Memory foam fits your ear, making using these headphones a real pleasure.

Inside, the H6 headphones are carefully tuned to respect music, delivering truly natural and authentic sound performance focusing on a crisp mid-range with balanced bass and treble. Daisy chain functionality allows you to share your listening experience with friends, while its remote control and microphone built into the cable allow you to answer calls and control music on the go.

  • Bang & Olufsen's signature sound
  • Genuine leather and aluminum
  • Lightweight and adjustable
  • Daisy chain functionality
  • Remote control and microphone integrated into the cable

High-quality headphones

Beoplay H6, H6, B&O PLAY H6, Auriculares, Bang & Olufsen

Beoplay H6, H6, B&O PLAY H6, Auriculares, Auriculares supraaurales

Beoplay H6, H6, B&O PLAY H6, Auriculares, Auriculares livianos

Beoplay H6, H6, B&O PLAY H6, Cadena margarita, Auriculares supraaurales

Characteristic sound

These lightweight supraaural headphones are the result of decades of sound experience. Delivering the performance audio listeners demand from Bang & Olufsen, these headphones deliver incredible sound in a sleek and comfortable package. Enjoy authentic, perfectly balanced sound wherever you go.

Elegant industrial design

Designed with careful attention to detail by Jakob Wagner, the Beoplay H6 headphones are crafted from genuine leather, soft lambskin and anodized aluminum treated with glass granule jet and fine brushing for a soft polish.

Ergonomic functionality

With their soft lambskin ear pads and memory foam that fits your ears, these earbuds have a flexible monobrazo and adjustable sliding arms that extend smoothly for a custom fit. They stay firmly in place and rest comfortably around your neck when you don't wear them.

Rich in functionalities

The "daisy chain" functionality – or device interconnect – simplifies the process of sharing music using two 3.5mm connectors. Answer on-the-fly calls and control your workday soundtrack with an Electret-type omnidirectional microphone and built-in remote control on the iOS-optimized cable.

Beoplay H6, B&O PLAY, Auriculares, Auriculares supraaurales

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