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Apple Airpods 3rd Generation - Wireless Headphones

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AirPods, new design with spatial audio. Magic in crescendo. Spatial audio for sound to envelop you. Adaptive equalization that adjusts the music to your ears. Greater autonomy and ultra-fast charging. Get ready for an experience surrounded by magic.

Features Apple Airpods 3rd Generation - Wireless Headphones

  • The sound goes further. And more here: Dynamic head-tracking spatial audio turns music and movies (or series) into a three-dimensional experience. You will feel the sound coming from all over you, as if you were in the middle of a movie theater or playing in the orchestra itself.
  • In tune with you: Adaptive equalization adjusts sounds in real time. Inward-facing microphones detect what you're listening to fine-tune the song's low and mid frequencies, adapting them to the unique shape of your ears.
  • The bass comes up: Thanks to the dynamic transducer designed by Apple and a special amplifier, the sound quality is enriched with infinite nuances. From the lowest to the highest, each tone will make your ears stand on end.
  • Even the wind is quiet: We have covered the microphone inside each headset with a special acoustic mesh that minimizes the effect of air during calls. So that the wind does not take away your words.
  • You heard right: HD voice quality on Facetime: The new AAC-ELD voice codec brings high-definition sound to your FaceTime conversations. And with spatial audio, group FaceTime calls sound more natural than ever.
  • Leading the way in style: AirPods are shorter and have a sleek, anatomically adjustable design that brings sound straight to your ears.
  • High-ease sound: The pressure sensor gives you even more control over what you hear. Tap to play or pause songs, switch from one topic to another, and answer or hang up calls.
  • Sweating in the rain: AirPods and MagSafe charging case have an IPX4 rating for water and sweat resistance. This means that you can use them in intense workouts and rainy days.
  • A case full of energy: The MagSafe wireless charging case is placed on a MagSafe charger and you're good to go. Fully charged gives you up to 30 hours of audio playback. And if you put the AirPods in the case for 5 minutes, you already have about 1 hour of music. Up to 6 hours of audio on one charge. Up to 30 hours of audio with the case.
  • Immediate connection: Bring airpods closer to your iPhone or iPad and tap Connect to pair them with all the devices in your iCloud account. If you're listening to music on your Mac and you get a call on your iPhone, you'll be able to respond without having to switch devices.
  • Feel, then sound: The AirPods' enhanced skin sensor knows how to distinguish between your ear and other surfaces. The sound plays when you wear them and stops when you put them in your pocket or leave them on the table.
  • Always-on "Hey Siri": Play music, call on the phone, get directions, or check your phonebook with your voice. Just say "Hey Siri" to activate your personal assistant and ask it to give you a cable with your tasks.

Announce notifications

Siri reads you important messages and notifications as soon as they arrive. And you can even reply to messages with just your voice.

Enhanced Search app

Track your AirPods with the Search app. See if they are close with the proximity view, receive alerts if they have left the range radius via Bluetooth or have them make a sound to locate them.

Shared Audio

Listening to the same song or series on two pairs of AirPods is very easy. Simply bring them closer to your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV you're using to connect instantly.

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