HP Slim Desktop S01-pF1018ns Intel Core i5-10400/8GB/512GB SSD/UHD630 - Desktop



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The slim desktop S01-pF1018ns Intel Core i5-10400/8GB/512GB HP is a desktop computer designed to save space without sacrificing performance or appearance. The slim i5HP is thinner and gives optimal performance in any task.

Keep reading, here we tell you the best that brings this great computer for your setup.

Features HP Slim Desktop S01-pF1018ns Intel Core i5-10400/8GB/512GB SSD/UHD630 - Desktop

This slim desktop HP comes with certain external features that will make it look amazing in your setup.

Ports for everything

This HP computer has HDMI and Ethernet ports very comfortably located on the back.

In addition, it incorporates audio inputs, USB and SD memory,all strategically located in a row very discreetly on the front.

Modern and eye-catching design

In addition to having an incredible compact size, it also has rounded edges and a black and glossy geometric design that is similar to the appearance of carbon fiber in cars.

This spectacular slimHP Desktop PC displays very powerful performance. It is designed to carry out heavy tasks with very little difficulty. Stay and read this section that we tell you what this PC brings inside.

Windows version

  • Windows 10. The friendliest and most familiar version that this operating system provides, which improves in the HP Slim Desktop PC the experience of use.


  • Memory capacity: 512 GB,which provide the PC with a large storage capacity for files, apps,photos and videos without any inconvenience.
  • RAM: 8 GB capacity.

Core i5 Intel

  • Intel Core version: i5. This processor is capable of carrying out a considerable number of tasks at once and running basic games and audio and video editing programs without problems.
  • Generation: 10th, 10400.

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