Taurus AP2040 Air Purifier

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☑️ HEPA Filter for top quality purification

☑️ Breathe clean air into your home with the ap2040 air purifier.

☑️ Eliminates 99.5% of air particles on surfaces up to 75 m2.

☑️ Triple pure air boost filtration system with a high efficiency rate.

☑️ Ensures a very good delivery rate of clean air (cadr) of 330m3/h.

Guaranteed efficiency: efficient air purifier with 995% of the particles' assured filtration

Eliminate dust, hairs, bacteria, tobacco smoke, odors and allergens and get clean, clean air.

Triple filtration system with prefilter, epa-e12 filter and active carbon that removes all impurities and contaminants from the air.

It has a filter change warning.
Suitable for rooms up to 75m2 and guarantees a clean air delivery rate (cadr) of 330 m3/h;

It has 4 air purification speed powers
It features a 2.5 pm sensor that measures air quality in real time.

Change the color LED according to the quality level: excellent, good green, medium yellow and bad red
It has night mode that guarantees a quiet environment while still purifying the air.

Very quiet, only 22db; it also has the function of locking the selectors

Thanks to the advanced pure air boost filtration system it features a prefilter, an epa-e12 filter and an active carbon filter.

The ap2040 air purifier kills tobacco smoke, allergies, pollution and all harmful gases and bacteria from the air-

It has a filter change warning for optimal operation and maintenance.

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