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Acer ABG950 Laptop Backpack 15.6" Black + Black Wireless Mouse



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Acer ABG950 Laptop Backpack is a sturdy material item, waterproof fabric, comfortable and practical. It also has qualities that allow the care of the laptop and other elements. Its size and structure make it a highly functional accessory. It is equally useful for the area of work, study or recreation. In addition, it includes a wireless mouse, which delights everyone when it comes to connecting.

Features Acer ABG950 Laptop Backpack 15.6" Black + Wireless Mouse Black

This practical backpack Acer has special qualities that distinguish it. These make it an indispensable item for those who own a laptop and need to move from one place to another. Among the main features of this product are:

  • It has a very large storage space. In addition to several pockets, it has different compartments of varied sizes.
  • It is safe, as it is designed to prevent it from being violated to steal. It has a locking system with passwords. Its zippers are metallic and of great durability.
  • Straps with adjustment system, lined and padded to avoid chafing on shoulders and back.

Versatile backpack

Due to its ample storage space, this Acer backpack can be useful for different purposes. Students, office workers and professionals benefit from it. See areas for pens, pencils, and phones, among others. You can easily find the items, as they will be organized in the different pockets.

A Backpack that helps you communicate

In Acer store you can find this bag with a special design and structure. This one comes with its own USB port and headphones. Its interface comes with integrated cable. This backpack gives you the opportunity to charge various electronic devices by connecting your own power bank.

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