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Antec NSK 2480 - Box/Tower


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Antec NSK 2480 Enclosure features a unique three-chamber system that offers protection against heat buildup and operating noise from the power supply and hard drive. The power supply enables environmentally friendly operation and thus saves valuable electricity.

Specifications Antec NSK 2480 - Box/Tower

The Antec box offers very advantageous features for you.


This type of ANTEC PC enclosure is equipped with a 380-watt Earth Watts power supply . It features a universal input, reactive current compensation and an 80mm fan and complies with the ATX12V 2.2 specification. It also offers dual +12V output rails that provide safety and reliability.

Ensures power supply to the system

Earth Watts' power supply is 80 PLUS certified®, the latest independent standard in efficiency. This means savings in electricity consumption, which has a positive effect on the electricity bill. In addition, it has a series of protection circuits such as OPP (Over Power Protection), OVP (Overvoltage Protection) and SCP (Short Circuit Protection).

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