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Dual functionality to listen to audio by Lightning connector and charge at the same time.
Supports current output up to 12W maximum for charging an iPhone or iPad.
Audio output up to 48 kHz and 24 bits.
Compatible with Lightning headphones and Lightning adapter to 3.5mm headphone jack Apple.
Supports Lightning headset remote control and microphone functions.
Compatible with Smart Battery Case for iPhone 7 Apple.
Designed for iPhone and iPad.


The Lightning RockStar Audio + Charge Adapter makes it possible to listen to audio content through the Lightning connector while charging your iPhone. Enjoy your favorite music and talk through your Lightning headphones while charging. Use the RockStar anywhere: at home, at work in the car or in mobility.


  • any device with iOS 10 or higher, including iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7.
  • MFi-certified Lightning-to-USB cables
  • Lightning audio headphones with MFI certification.

Please note: RockStar supplies power to your iPhone/iPad and only supports Lightning audio. It does not support USB data synchronization or other similar protocols such as Serial or UART.

Key features:

  1. The metal coating provides a protective structure for the delicate circuit board.
  2. This coating prevents electromagnetic interference on the circuit board from affecting phone signal and Wi-Fi.
  3. The electrical firmware design makes the audio and charging connectors interchangeable.
  4. MFi-certified Lightning connectors for transferring both audio and electric current.
  5. Cover and stress relief made of a flexible TPE material that is soft to the touch and not harmful to the environment.


The 12W power output charges your iPhone/iPad at the highest possible speed. So you can upload anywhere while listening to music, watching videos, surfing the internet, or talking on the phone.


The Lightning RockStar Audio + Charge Adapter supports audio output up to 48 kHz 24-bit lossless and supports the full Lightning headset ecosystem. The RockStar also supports a higher power supply that is required to work with premium Lightning headsets. These offer the noise cancelling function without the need for batteries or additional power source.


The indications "Made for iPhone" and "Made for iPad" mean that electronic accessories have been designed to specifically connect to the iPhone or iPad, respectively, and that they have been certified by the developer for meeting Apple performance standards.

Box contents:

  • Audio Adapter + Charge Lightning RockStar.
  • Quick Start Guide (insert with use case chart).
  • FCC Compliance Insert.

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