DuraTek Belkin Dorado 1.2 Mt USB-C USB-C cable.



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Kevlar-reinforced ® provide greater durability.

The wider and more flexible tension relief absorbs the pressure produced by bending the cable, thus preventing breakage.

The double-braided nylon material forms a flexible and robust coating for the cable.

The aluminum cover protects the connector's internal circuit board.

Flexible insulation reduces friction.

1.2 meters long.

Supports 3 A upload and data transfers up to 480 Mbps.

5-Year Warranty.


Much more than an ordinary DuraTek charging cable has been designed using superior quality materials for maximum durability. Kevlar fibers® reinforce the inner yarn structure for additional strength; Abrasion-resistant nylon forms a sturdy outer lining and highly flexible insulation minimizes frictional damage. The strength created by these hard materials is further increased thanks to an intelligent design that strengthens the tension points of the cable. This ensures that the final product is able to withstand even the most extreme conditions and continue to perform above the most demanding expectations: a cable that could almost be described as indestructible.


USB-C-enabled laptops, smartphones and tablets™


1. With Kevlar®, a high strength synthetic fiber used as a reinforcing component to strengthen the conductors and increase protection.

2. Drainage wire provides an added level of protection.

3. Insulated conductors reduce friction while adding greater flexibility and protection.

4. Mylar's braided and metallic coating helps protect the cable from external electromagnetic interference.

5. The thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) cable cover is soft, elastic as well as not environmentally harmful.

6. The double braided nylon exterior is resistant to abrasion damage, reducing the risk of fraying and extending its service life.


The Kevlar is one of the fundamental elements of DuraTek's hardness secret. This ultra-thin fiber is used worldwide for a huge number of applications, from bulletproof vests to protective helmets or surfboards or other risky sports equipment. Kevlar's sturdy wires are integrated into the cable to give it extreme hardness. These fibers are able to bend without stretching and provide an enveloping protective structure for the inner wires of the cable.


The outer lining of the cable is made of a very resistant and high quality nylon material. Double braiding is a technique used in the manufacture of ropes that provides maximum hardness and added strength.


Inside the cable there are a lot of built-in wires that provide great functionality and connectivity. Insulation protects them from potential damage caused by bending or stretching the cable but can also cause some tightness, affecting the overall flexibility of the cable. Highly flexible insulation within the DuraTek minimizes friction by allowing the cable to bend easily and internal wires to move without any damage.


Voltage relief, the point where the cable meets the connector head, is larger than on other cables. Manufactured in a flexible TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) material this increased extension and flexibility helps absorb pressure and reinforce the joint between the cable and the connector head to prevent breakage. This cable has successfully passed hardness tests of more than 5000 cycles in which the unit is bent up to 180 degrees, making it highly resistant to breakage and tearing. The TPE material is not only flexible but also soft, smooth to the touch and more environmentally responsible than ordinary PVC.


Hi-Speed USB compliance indicates that this cable has been certified by USB-IF for meeting electrical, mechanical and environmental standards, ensuring a superior user experience. USB-IF is a non-profit organization formed by a group of companies that want to facilitate the development of high quality USB products and the conduct of compliance tests.


1. Usb-IF certified connector of superior quality.

2. Smart chip supports up to 60W for optimal charging.

3. The sturdy metal can protect the circuit board.

4. Highly polished extruded aluminum cover blends seamlessly with your device.

5. 18mm TPE stress relief is built to withstand more than 5000 cycles in 180 degree bending tests.

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USB-C cable™ to USB-C™

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