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2.4 Belkin Universal Golden Car Charger



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The Belkin Mixit car charger is a universal solution for devices, with an attractive design in Gold color. It runs on direct current (DC) power and plugs in automatically in the car. It offers a USB 2.0 port for charging various devices. Its performance guarantees a maximum power of 5 W, with an output current of 2400 mA. It incorporates surge protection features to ensure the safety of your devices. Compatible with a wide range of products, from iPads, iPhones, Kindles to Galaxy Samsung devices, offering versatility and convenience. This charger is a reliable and stylish option to meet your charging needs on the go.


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Features Car Charger Belkin 2.4 aMP Universal Dorado


With the MIXIT↑ metal car charger you can keep all your devices charged while driving. Ideal for users with an active and mobile lifestyle this charger plugs directly into the DC outlet of the lighter in the car. You and your passengers will be able to charge smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices even when you're on the road.


The MIXIT↑ car charger always supplies the maximum current required to charge your device (up to a maximum of 2.4 amps). This means you'll be able to charge your device up to 40% faster, saving you hours of charging time. For example, the charger can charge a 4th generation iPad tablet from 0 to 100% in as little as 6.2 hours, compared to the 10.3 hours it takes with a 5-watt charger.


Thanks to its versatile integrated Ti chipset, the MIXIT↑ metal car charger is compatible with almost any device that is recharged with a USB cable (sold separately). The chipset automatically recognizes the devices once you connect them so you can start charging without configuration of any kind.


Thanks to its discreet profile, the charger connects to the dashboard of the car without obstructing access to any of the buttons and control discs. It's compact and lightweight enough to store seamlessly in a pocket or carry-on bag. And with elegant metallic finish it perfectly complements the interior of your car.


Belkin chargers are rigorously designed to protect your device when it's charging. Smart circuits evaluate the voltage and automatically adjust the current output, ensuring the safety of your device even in the event of a voltage spike.

The charger is also backed by the warranty of the connected equipment of Belkin. If your device is damaged by an electrical charge while properly connected to the charger Belkin repair or replace it up to a maximum value of 2000 euros.

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Car charger MIXIT↑™ metal.

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