Hoover H-PURIFIER 300 - HHP30C - Purifier




The H-PURIFIER 300 air purifier from Hoover redefines the purity of the air in your home. With an impressive capacity, it purifies spaces of up to 20 square meters in just 10 minutes. Its advanced three-layer filtration system traps everything from microscopic particles to common allergens. In addition, its automatic mode adjusts according to the air quality, while the connectivity to the hOn App allows you to monitor and control from your mobile device. Experience a cleaner, healthier environment with the H-PURIFIER 300.


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Features Air Purifier Hoover H-PURIFIER 300 - HHP30C

The Hoover H-PURIFIER 300 air purifier is a connected purifier designed to provide a superior and intelligent air purification experience. It represents a unique solution to combat pollution and seasonal allergies, ensuring a safer and healthier environment in your home. With an impressive CADR (m3/h) of 290, this purifier is capable of cleaning spaces of up to 20 square meters in just 10 minutes.

Advanced Filtration Layers

Hoover's unique H-TRIFILTER filtration system employs three distinct layers of filters, each with a specific function. This ensures protection against indoor contaminants down to 0.1 microns. From large particles such as pet hair to invisible micro particles such as PM 10 and PM 2.5, as well as common allergens, this purifier ensures effective cleaning. In addition, the Activated Carbon filter absorbs polluting gases, fumes and odours, providing complete purification.

Intelligent Auto Mode

Select Auto Mode and let your H-PURIFIER 300 run autonomously. It will adjust the fan speed based on the air quality detected. If the LED light on the screen remains green for more than 30 minutes, the purifier will automatically go into standby mode, keeping the sensors active for constant monitoring.

Specialized Mode for Pollen Allergies and Allergy Profile:

Connect the H-PURIFIER 300 to the hOn App and set up an Allergy Person profile, selecting the pollen particles you are allergic to. The App will monitor the presence of outdoor pollen and report it to the purifier. This will automatically activate pollen mode, reducing pollen levels and preventing allergy symptoms.

LED Air Quality Ring

The LED ring provides an instant visual indication of the air quality status in your home. Four different colors indicate air quality, allowing you to take quick action: green for good quality, yellow for moderate, orange for poor, and red for very poor.

Connected Experience with the hOn App

Enhance your air purification experience with the hOn App. From remote control of modes and purification settings to diffuser activation and scheduling schedules, this app offers a full suite of useful features. In addition, it collects real-time data on indoor and outdoor air pollution, humidity, and temperature, providing statistics and forecasts.

Maximum Mode and Sleep Mode

Set Maximum Mode for optimal performance in open spaces or to eliminate strong odors. Sleep Mode initiates a quiet and powerful purification up to 8 times a night, ensuring a clean environment both day and night.

CO Sensors & Alerts

Equipped with a dedicated sensor for Carbon Monoxide detection, the H-PURIFIER 300 provides constant monitoring. When CO levels reach potentially harmful levels, the sensor issues audible alerts and notifications via the hOn App, ensuring maximum safety.

Real-Time Air Quality Monitoring

Check the levels of PM 10, PM 2.5 and gases (VOC) in the air in your home at any time, either through the purifier display or through the hOn App. You can also monitor the temperature and humidity of the room, as well as the health status of the filter.

Pollen Catcher & Inactivator

The HEPA 13 filter features a unique and proven treatment to inhibit pollen once captured and inactivate it, providing high protection for allergy sufferers and allowing safe handling of the filter.

Multi-Sensor System and 360º Airflow

The H-PURIFIER 300 features a suite of smart sensors that monitor indoor air quality in real-time, monitoring particulate pollutants and gases. Its high precision ensures optimal efficiency and reduces the need for maintenance. Thanks to the 360º Airflow System, the purifier distributes purified air in all directions, even in large spaces, ensuring fast and efficient cleaning.

The Hoover H-PURIFIER 300 offers a one-stop solution for air purification in your home, providing a cleaner, healthier environment for you and your family.

Specifications Hoover H-PURIFIER 300 Air Purifier - HHP30C


  • Suitable for rooms up to: 100 m2
  • Voice control: Yes
  • Works with Amazon Alexa: Yes
  • Works with Google Home: Yes
  • PM2.5 sensor: Yes
  • PM10 sensor: Yes
  • Gas sensor: Yes
  • Air quality indicator (AQI): Yes
  • Remote operated: Yes
  • Auto mode: Yes
  • Night mode: Yes
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Turbo mode: Yes
  • Allergy UK approved: Yes
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOC) removal: Yes
  • Clean air delivery rate (CADR) (dust): 290 m3/h


  • Product color: White
  • Control type: Touch
  • Built-in display: Yes
  • Placement: Floor


  • Filter type: HEPA
  • HEPA classification: HEPA 13
  • Activated carbon (AC) filter: Yes
  • Air filter: Yes
  • Removable filter: Yes
  • Filter clean indicator: Yes
  • Filtering capacity: Pollen
  • Number of filter stages: 3
  • Filters PM2.5 particles: 99.97%
  • Weight and dimensions
  • Width: 280 mm
  • Depth: 314 mm
  • Height: 520.5 mm
  • Weight: 6.3 kg


  • Package weight: 8.6 kg

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