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Immerse yourself in the action of Splatoon 3 with the Dreierpack Mako, Muri, and Mantaro amiibo pack. These figures offer a unique gaming experience, unlocking exclusive content and providing strategic advantages. Designed for the Nintendo Switch console, these amiibo add a personalized touch to your adventure in the colorful world of Splatoon 3. With eye-catching details and special features, this bundle is a must-have for fans of the series. Expand your amiibo collection and take your gaming experience to the next level with Mako, Muri, and Mantaro. Grab them in Amazon and get ready to immerse yourself in exciting battles full of ink and fun!


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Features Shiver Frye Bigman 3in1 Amiibo Figure


Explore the vibrant universe of Splatoon 3 with the exciting Dreierpack Mako, Muri and Mantaro amiibo pack. Not only are these unique amiibo figures detailed and visually captivating, but they also add a whole new dimension to your gaming experience on the Nintendo Switch console.

Personalized Experience

Each amiibo figure represents a unique character in Splatoon 3, providing a personalized gaming experience. Mako, Muri, and Mantaro offer special perks, unlocking exclusive content and providing strategic advantages in inky battles.

Detailed Design

The amiibo figures are meticulously designed, capturing the essence and distinctive style of Splatoon 3's characters. From the details of their clothing to the facial expressions, these figures bring the authenticity of the game into your play space.

Switch Nintendo support

Designed specifically for the console Nintendo Switch, these amiibo figures are easy to use. Simply tap them on your console to unlock exclusive features, customize your Inkling, and enhance your gaming experience in Splatoon 3.

Collectibles for Fans

If you're a true Splatoon fan, this amiibo Dreierpack is a must-have addition to your collection. Expand your amiibo set and dive even deeper into the unique and colorful world of Splatoon with these one-of-a-kind figures.

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