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LG OLED55BX6LB 55" OLED Ultra HD 4K HDR is a unique product with the most innovative technology of the moment, with 4k resolution and AN OLED panel,which will give you maximum image quality. You used to want to go to the movies, now you LG a 55" OLED file, don't you?

LG 43UN74006LB 43" LED Ultra HD 4K Features:

The only technology capable of offering a pure Black. OLED TVs are completely different from everything seen so far, as they lack LCD panels and completely eliminate LED backlighting. LG's OLED technology consists of millions of fully independent and self-light points. Enjoy the deepest blacks, the richest colors and the most realistic image quality.

Next-generation processors with Artificial Intelligence based on Deep Learning

LG's 4K a7 Gen.3 Processors use image and sound processing algorithms based on Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence,which constantly analyze and process the content you're viewing to always give you the best Audiovisual experience.

ThinQ artificial intelligence LG TVs are in addition to your mobile phone, the control and monitoring center for the rest of your connected smart appliances. Thanks to the intelligence of AI ThinQ,you can easily see the status and control your Home IoT ecosystem, whether with natural speech recognition or with the remote control. Also, with the builtGoogle And Alexa Wizard, and homekit Apple support. LG make your life much more comfortable.

Enjoy professionally mastered images and sound

View the movies as they were created: absolutely stunning. Dolby Vision IQ extends the benefits of Dolby Vision beyond HDR. Screen brightness, color, and contrast are automatically and intelligently adjusted based on content gender and light conditions. Dolby Atmos also offers an immersive acoustic experience to make the most of all the content.

H2: Enjoy like you're in the movies

Paragraph: The processor automatically adjusts the image, disabling motion interpolation to get the full image effect. Enjoy your favorite movies again with the creative intent and cinematic experience intact and feel the complete artistic intent of each movie.

H2: Infinite content. Endless fun.

Paragraph: Access all video-on-demand platforms such as Disney+, the Apple TV, Netflix, and LG. Choose from the latest movies, TV shows, documentaries and live sports, and find them all in one place.

H2: Win the game with LG UHD TV.

H2:The first and only TV to incorporate Gaming Monitor technology.

Paragraph: As the first TV in the industry to offer NVIDIA G-SYNC-compatible support, the OLED LG is the best choice for setting up your gaming environment. All your computer games will be sharper and smoother, without jerking, lag or flickering. Stay on the winners' side with the best gaming TV.

H2: More immersive HDR game

Paragraph: LG UHD TV mode allows users to take full control and instantly of games without any delay.

H2: Feel the atmosphere of the stadium.

Paragraph:HGiG offers the game graphics that best suit your TV's specifications and performance levels. With LG OLED, play with a wide selection of games with the confidence of a TV that will show each game in the best possible way.

H2: Enjoy more with better visualization

Paragraph: OLED Technology of LG, emits less Blue Light corresponding to the harmful band known as High Energy Visible Blue Light or HEV. Blue Light broadcasts on OLED LG are below 50%, which is the highest level recommended by health agencies. With OLED from LG you can enjoy long periods of time in front of the TV.

H2: An elegant complement to the home

Paragraph: The ultra-thin wallpaper screen adds more elegance and style to your room wherever you choose to place it. The TV is perfectly inside and offers an immersive viewing experience for every content.

Thanks to the LOG TV AR app available in the App Store and Google Play, with your mobile phone you can see what the LG TV looks like in your living room or any other space.

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